about me

My market research career started in July 1998. Since then I have managed projects for national
and international clients.

In July 2013, I decided to become self-employed and start my own business.

You may rely on me to manage your qualitative and quantitative projects personally. Due to my long-standing experience in a renowned Munich-based test facility, I have the skills to both manage and execute your research projects.

When recruiting respondents, I use my own database as well as external sources.

gÜlây aykal



Below, you will find a list of industries I have worked for

Frozen foods, dairy products, convenience products, baby food,
sweets, beverages


Coffee products, tobacco products, alcoholic beverages

Semi-luxury food & drink

Dental care products, diabetes


TV, print, Telecommunications

Media & IT Branche



I am also experienced in discerning and special interest target-groups:

Physicians and Medical Specialists

Internal specialists, dentists, veterinaries, oncologists, diabetologists.



Both from urban and rural areas, as well as nurses and diabetes nurses.

Decision makers (b2b)


Executives, managing directors, purchase managers, craftsmen, IT executives, fleet managers.

Children and Adolescents

Both Germans and immigrants, including all age groups and school classes, college and university students of various branches.

Premium and Luxury Car Owners

Audi-, BMW-, Mercedes, and Porsche-owners.